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Monday, 12 September 2016

9 Faced Rudraksha

This is a high quality genuine Nepali rudraksha. Nepali rudrakshas are considered to be of the best quality. 
In Astrology, 9 mukhi rudraksha is ruled by planet Ketu. So, it can be worn to pacify Ketu planet. 9 Mukhi is also ruled by Goddess Durga(Shakti). It contains the power of nine deities. The worshippers of shakti must wear this rudraksha to increase their mental power and concentration.
9 Faced Rudraksha gives even more benefit when worn with Ketu yantra.   

Ruling Deity: Goddess Durga (Shakti)

Ruling Planet: Ketu

Benefits: Confidence, good character, sound health, mental fatigue and lack of energy get cured, Prosperity, glory, Spirituality.

Mantra to energize 9 mukhi rudraksha: Om Hreem Vyam Rum Lam

To know more about this Rudraksha, please click on this link.
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