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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hand Made Saturn Yantra

This energized hand made Yantra is to please Planet Saturn which rules over sorrow, sadness, justice, discipline, hard work, profession etc. It gives benefit to the people who are in depression, struggling with obstacles, delays in every venture and people suffering from diseases related to bones and joints and other chronic diseases. It can be used to pacify planet Saturn if it is giving bad effects. It can also be worn to strengthen a weak Saturn.This Yantra should be worn with Saturn's gemstone Blue Sapphire or with 14 mukhi rudraksha to achieve best results.

This yantra is made by Gaurav Malhotra (A renowned Astrologer) in an ancient way on an auspicious Muhurta on Bhoj Patra or on plain white paper using energized pomegranate twig and asht gandh (Mix of 8 expensive ingredients like saffron and Musk). After it is made, it is then energized by him keeping all the precautions, suggested in ancient scriptures, in mind which makes the Yantra very effective and powerful.
This can be worn around neck or arm or be kept in wallet or purse. Wearing around neck or arm is recommended.

Ready made Yantra lockets are easily available in the market but most of them are of no use because they are not energized and not made in an auspicious Muhurta. Energized Hand Made Yantras give the most benefit. 

To know more about this Yantra, please click on this link.

Note: Order must be placed at least 3 days before the upcoming muhurta.
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