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Monday, 12 September 2016

Garbh Gauri Rudraksha

This is a high quality genuine Nepali rudraksha. Nepali rudrakshas are considered to be of the best quality.
Garbh Gauri rudraksha is also known as Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha. Garbh Gauri rudraksha is two rudrakshas naturally joined with each other with one rudraksha smaller than the other. The bigger rudraksha represents Goddess parvati and smaller rudraksha represents Lord Ganesha, her son. This rudraksha provides lot of benefit in progeny related issues. 
Garbh Gauri Rudraksha gives even more benefit when worn with Batteesa yantra.

Ruling Deity: Lord Ganesh and Goddess Parvati 

Benefits: Helps in conceiving, helps in building harmonious relations between mother and children, Safe and easy pregnancy and delivery.     

Mantra to energize Garbh Gauri rudraksha: Om Namaha Shivaaye

To know more about this Rudraksha, please click on this link.
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